Trash Collection 

You can expect prompt and consistent trash pickup as part of our community’s provided services. Garbage: Thursday Recycle: Thursday. Garbage and Trash Vendor – Waste Services Phone: (501) 888-4323,

Water and Sewer 

Water service is provided to our landscaping and outdoor common areas to keep them thriving and to our clubhouse and pool to keep them fully operational.


We provide electricity for amenities such as our clubhouse, pool and tennis courts so that they’re always ready for our homeowners to enjoy.

Internet, Telephone & Cable

Several providers in our area offer a variety of options for reliable, high-speed internet, telephone and cable services. We encourage you to evaluate each of these options to find the service that’s right for you.

Association Fees

Common Expenses include all expenses described in Article 1, including but not limited to, the expenses of the operation, maintenance, repair, replacement and protection of the Common Elements and Association Property, the expenses of operating the Association and any other expenses properly incurred by the Association for the Condominium, including any amounts budgeted to fund reserve accounts, or designated in the Condominium Documents as a Common Expense or incurred in carrying out any of the express or implied duties of the Association. Unless separately metered to the Units, the cost of water and sewer service to the Units, as well as garbage collection and trash removal service, shall be a Common Expense. If the Board of Directors enters into a contract for pest control or cable television or other telecommunication services in bulk for all Units, the cost of such services shall be a Common Expense. In such event. the Board shall contract for such standard services as ii may deem appropriate, with any additional services to be at the option and cost of the individual Unit Owners.